What is Dreambox?

In the near future: a 3D printing vending machine.
In the meantime: an ultra convenient 3D printing service.
Print your own designs, choose from thousands of existing designs or have us customize an existing design.

How it works today:

1. Choose or email us a 3D design

2. We'll print it

3. Pick your item up at our concept Dreambox on campus

What we're building:

1. Choose or upload a design online or at a Dreambox

2. Your print will be queued at your local Dreambox

3. We'll message you when your item has finished printing

What is 3D Printing?

Imagine a printer, except instead of ink, it prints materials, such as plastic. Now instead of printing a single layer it prints one 2D layer, then another 2D layer immediately on top of that layer and then another on top of that ... this goes on until your final product is a 3D object. Check out the large video below for more information and the smaller one if you want a glimpse into the future.

3D printing: Introduction

Future of 3D printing

Want to see 3D printing come to a vending machine near you sooner?

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